The leader and founding member of B.E.A.S.T and owner of Boneyard Airsoft.


When you think of his call sign, you probably think flashy and ostentatious with a touch of class. You're partially right, but it’s mostly because he sounds like a 1978 Eldorado moving through the woods.


However, don’t underestimate his cunning and zaney unpredictably. Cadilllac has been in the airsoft game a while, and the guy knows how to sling some plastic.


SPAM or Speacial Purpose Airsoft Mom,

Spam is the is the one who makes sure no one does anything to stupid, she's always a bit feisty and a genius a cramming as many cars in the Boneyard parking lot as possible.

But watch out, if you're not wearing a jacket or not drinking a enough water expect a scolding.



He’s short, stocky, and once lifted a piano by himself. Gimli is aggressive and surprisingly nimble on the field. His sneaky maneuvering and sudden rush tactics are very potent combination.


He has a knack for being where he is least expected and most needed. Sort of a like a hybrid Dwarvish Ninja. So keep your ears open, the sound of his breathing maybe your only means of detecting this elusive creature.


The name actually comes from his love of spray cheese, not that toothy boy next door grin. However, remember that grin well, cause it will probably be your only warning that you’re getting shot.


Cheese is a master of the Ghillie suit, and can be anywhere from the top of a tree, to the bush at your feet. However, for a skinny guy he is easily distracted by snacks. So you may be able to use this to your advantage in your hunt for the elusive Cheese.

The German

In case you were wondering, he is infact, German. Don’t let that clean cut mild mannered look fool you.


The German is quick clever and aggressive. He often likes to scream German phrases in the middle of game play. Presumably swearing at his opponents to frighten and confuse them.


However, he is also a filmmaker who loves to shoot Airsoft footage. So chances are you’ll see him with a camera not a gun.


So, please try to avoid shooting him when is acting as camera man. Although, if you can make a good schnitzel he’ll forgive most anything.


Like his name, pestilaence sweeps over the land with a fierce reckoning, leaving BB riddled players in his wake. Welts everywhere, as if they were a side effect of the plague that is his infectious, devastating play style.


He tends to wear shorts on the field but do not let the pale white legs fool you, those white streaks will be the last things you see...

Papa Nam

Papa Nam is the definition of the 80’s action star.


With his tiger stripe camo, iron clad beard and fierce bandana, he a force to be reckoned with. He has a knack for flashy maneuvers and getting hit in the face.


You can always count on Papa Nam to rally younger players when they get stacked up behind cover or pinned down, he is also a great teacher and tactician.

Ohm (Thing 1)

Ohm also known as thing 1, is an agile and fast mover.

He has been sometimes spotted with a katana on the field charging ahead like a samurai, fearless…senseless.

His gun of choice is Kriss Vector with a suppressor bigger than his ego...


He is often seen with Portnoy (Thing 2) close by, those 2 are double trouble, so watch out.

Portnoy (Thing 2)

Portnoy, often mistaken for the generic soldier in COD or Battlefield.

Don’t let that lead you to believe he is not a worthy adversary.


Thing 2 will shoot you on bus, he will shoot you with no fuss,

find you hiding on a train, make the BB’s fall like rain.

Always calls his hits he will, fighting until he gets his fill.

He always knows what to do That is Portnoy we call thing 2.


Pumba is the Team medic, in real life and on the field.

So when go down he'll have your back!

He is crafty and gassy.


So watch out, when for when he is tootin' and shootin'.


Glacies is a quick and decisive player. he moves fast and executes maneuvers with ease.

However lady luck and Glacies have  a long and not so stable relationship. (it is whispered through the ages he called her fat once or twice).

whether its his battery dying, gearbox stripping or the ever mysterious sudden AEG death syndrome it has happend to Glacies. He has tried many a thing to remedy this. From carrying around a dead N00Bs foot to dragon shoes above door ways. But even with lady luck giving him the finger Glacies is still a very formidable opponent and key B.E.A.S.T. member.

Blu Falcon is a heavy gunner extroidanair. rocking a variety of heavy weapons and always in full auto. BLAKATKATKAT!

Better call HIT! loudly so he can hear you as to not get over shot. Those heavy guns tend to be loud

Blu Falkon

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